My days have been long, as I would prefer them to be. I have been filling every moment of this journey with as much Japanese culture as is possible. Last weekend an last week was AMAZING. Every day is an adventure. The resort Lindsay mentioned exceeded expectations.


One of the first few things I want to note was the uncertainty everyone had about delving into the hot springs. Most students, from Technos college and from elsewhere internationally, had never been to a hot spring before-not even an artificial one. After day one though, everyone I’d spoken to had developed a great appreciation for the natural hot springs Mido No Mura had to offer. My muscles felt a sort of relaxation I’d never known of before. One of the days we spent at the resort we spent playing American and Japanese sports… multiple times throughout that day I thought to myself… “I am playing this game in Japan.” The awareness alone brought about a soothing sense of fulfillment. One of the sports we played there was one I’m certain you are all familiar with… Volleyball… My team took first in the volleyball tournament 😉 It was a lovely time.

We visited the highest mountain in Japan called Mount Fuji towards the end of the week last week. It has such a rich history.Image

This is one of the stops near the height of the mountain. It has been there for decades. It had various items with sacred ideals attached to them such as… A bell. Keeping the bell given out at Mount Fuji is said to make you capable to living 100 years. I can’t wait to talk to everyone who trekked to Mount Fuji with us at the turn of the next century about how pleasing Mount Fuji was.


Two nights ago we went to Shibuya. There is not one student that I have encountered on this trip that does not feel compelled to immerse themselves into the various shopping districts in and around Tokyo.Image

At Shibuya Station stands this statue… Image


This is a dog who would meet his owner every night at the Shibuya Train Station in Tokyo, Jaoan. One day, his owner did not appear at the train station one night because he was no longer living. Hachiko returned to the train station at the exact time his owner would ordinarily arrive every day for the next nine years straight. This is not fictitious. This is a truthful story of a kind of loyalty ordinarily only emulated in dreams.

I doubt my loyalty can compare… especially considering the fact that although I have been a resident of the United States my entire life, I have already been attempting to devise a way to escape back to Tokyo for the past few days. Await my next transmission for further details.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dr. Darryn Diuguid
    Jun 13, 2013 @ 21:10:42


    Glad you’re having such a great time in Japan. I’m sure Mt. Fuji was a spectacular sight; we’re jealous here in the states. You’ll have to watch the movie about Hachiko when you return home. We loved it. (Hachi: A Dog’s Tale (2009).

    Dr. D.


  2. Erin Hoover
    Jun 24, 2013 @ 19:47:54

    Just caught up on your adventures, Stephen … wow, what an experience you’re having! Can’t wait to see/hear more!


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