One Month Away!

Hello everybody, 

In exactly one month I will be on my way to Japan! I am so excited to go to Toyko, and before I go I just wanted to share a little bit about myself. 

I am an English literature and philosophy double major. On campus, I am the Assistant Editor for the McKendree Review, research assistant to Dr. Martha Patterson, treasurer of the Literary Interest Society, a member of the Honors Program, and I participated in The Vagina Monologues with the McKendree Young Feminists. Additionally, I am a student worker at the Hett.
I applied for the Technos trip after my English professors Dr. Patterson and Dr. Greenfield suggested I might be a good candidate. After looking into the Technos trip, I became very excited at the thought of going to Japan and truly felt that I was a good fit for the educational exchange. I have always been deeply interested in Asian cultures, and Japanese culture in particular. Being an English literature and philosophy major, I have an appreciation for and interest in the philosophies, religions, and literature of other cultures, and am excited to explore them further. Japan has a rich literary history that we, as members of Western society, are unfortunately not exposed to much. I applied for this trip to have new experiences and immerse myself in this rich culture. I can’t wait to make new friends and see how their perspectives influence my own views. I am an open-minded individual and I believe establishing an international dialogue through educational exchanges such as the Technos trip is one of the most important things we can do as members of an international community. It is an honor to represent McKendree University and the United States. 
I hope to learn about historical elements of Japan, including Kabuki theatre, the tea ceremony, and Japanese literature. Just as importantly, though, I want to gain an understanding of modern Japanese citizens and how they live their daily lives. Interacting with Japanese students around my own age will offer me the chance to learn about diverse perspectives and relate to people I would have never otherwise had the chance to meet. I can’t wait to get to know the other students and learn about their families, their religions, and their hobbies! I am also extremely excited to try new foods!
I most look forward to completely immersing myself in Japanese culture, and then seeing how that immersion changes me as a person. I can’t wait to bring back what I have learned and share it with my family, my friends, and the McKendree community. I know the experience will improve my writing and inspire me artistically. I also hope that bringing my own perspective will influence some of the students I interact with, and I hope to be able to teach them just as much as they teach me. I have never left the country before, so I look forward to the first night I am able to spend in Japan…I couldn’t imagine a better place to travel! 
I hope everybody enjoys reading about our experiences in Japan, and welcome to our blog! Once we arrive in Tokyo, I will keep you all updated and post as many pictures as possible.
Go Bearcats!

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Papa Cheetah
    May 03, 2013 @ 00:13:38

    You go you crazy Bearcats! Hope everyone has a great time! We will all miss you but hope you have the time of your lives!


  2. Caitlyn
    May 31, 2013 @ 14:19:37

    I am so happy for you, my future roomie! I hope you have a WONDERFUL time in Japan! I cannot wait to see pictures and talk about it with you when you return!

    Much love,


  3. Chris Bahr
    May 31, 2013 @ 15:49:31

    Lindsay, I know that you will be a terrific ambassador for McKendree University. I look forward to hearing about all that you learn through this new experience. Enjoy every minute of it!


  4. Dad
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 23:22:34

    Hope you all enjoyed your flight around the world. I’m sure Tokyo will be wonderful this time of year!


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